* 8 Continuing Education Units are required by the licensee per year (July 1 - June 30)
* Only 4 hours of CEU's can be from OSHA or HAZMAT training classes in each license year.
* Each licensee will be mailed a CEU Packet each license year to keep current on CEU status and receive the proper forms for that year.
* The application fee is $10.00 per hour (CEU) and should be submitted to the committee with the Request for Approval.
* Copies of Certificates of Attendance and Notification of Approval shall be kept by licensees in case future verification is necessary.
* Any Request of Approval of CEU's must be submitted within 60 days after the workshop or seminar.
* When a licensee attends a seminar or workshop that the sponsor has pre-approved through the Kansas Continuing Education Committee, they will receive a Certificate of Attendance, issued through the workshop sponsor. In this situation it is not necessary for the licensee to apply for Continuing Education approval through the Committee as this has already been done by the sponsor. Please check with sponsor for details, some collect the application fee from you, some pay it for you.
* Attendance at convention trade shows will count as Continuing Education for a maximum of one unit per trade show. Request for approval and proper documents proving attendance must be sent in with the $10.00 fee.
* CEU Credits will be issued in 1 unit or greater. Programs of less than 50 minutes will not be awarded credit.
* Licensees can receive credit for presenting a portion of a workshop or seminar and receive credit for attending the remainder of the workshop. In both cases, proof of attendance and presentation must be submitted with the Request for Approval. Credit for a presentation will only be given for the first time the specific presentation is made.
* When submitting proof of attendance to the Committee for a workshop - submit a copy - as originals cannot be returned.
* Each Request for Approval shall be completed thoroughly before the Continuing Education Committee processes the Request. Please make sure the Request is signed by the presenter or proof of attendance is included. (Payment of registration fees is not proof of attendance)
* If a Licensee's Request for Approval is denied, they may resubmit to the Committee, indicating that they would like to appeal the Committee's decision. The Continuing Education Committee Chair will process the appeal request according to the appeals process.
* If a licensee has to resubmit a Request for Approval, due to information being incomplete, the licensee shall also submit a self-addressed stamped envelope.
* If a Certificate or Approval form is lost and duplicate forms are requested, the applicant must submit a request, clearly stating that a "duplicate" copy is needed, along with the equivalent of the current application fee of $10.00 per CEU.
* Licensee's will be notified May 1st, if they have not completed the CEU requirement for the current license year. Any appeals or corrections should be sent to the Committee, in writing, before June 1st.
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